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Be the first to fly on Thailand’s first premium seaplane service.
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Early VIP Ticket Reservation – Pre-Sale

Be the first to fly on Thailand’s first premium seaplane service.

Our seaplanes are a comfortable and premium experience, with up to only 8 guests in one aircraft. Flying on a seaplane saves time and hassle, and brings you to your waterfront destination more directly and in style.
You now have the exclusive opportunity to reserve one of the first VIP flights
– limited in number and only available until 31 December 2020.
We adhere to strict safety and cleaning requirements and our spacious cabins allow for social distancing by nature.
We aim to launch within 2021, pending COVID-19 and border opening developments.

Once in a lifetime — every time!

A deposit of USD 33.33 (or THB 1,063.00) is required (the equivalent of roughly 10 percent of the final ticket value), in order to secure your reservation. This deposit is cancelable and refundable at any time. Prior to making the actual reservation, you will be asked to confirm, and are able to then either cancel your deposit, or pay the remaining fee for the final ticket price.

Where will I fly?

You will enjoy a round-trip flight experience from Bangkok (Don Muaeng or Suvarnabhumi airport) to Pattaya / Jomtien Ocean Marina (water landing) and back (~30 mins each way).

What does this Early VIP Reservation include?

Unlike our regular tickets once we launch, you will enjoy these exclusive benefits:

  • A round-trip flight for one guest with a total duration of ~60 mins
  • A limited-edition specially designed ticket
  • Unique selected merchandise
  • The option to join our membership program for one year for free
  • A 10% discount compared to the final commercial ticket price
  • Amazing views!

If you would like to charter the whole plane, please purchase 6 tickets. You will be able to sit 8 guests in total. We will confirm the plane charter reservation (as opposed to per-guest by the seat reservations) once you have completed the purchase.

Do you offer anything else?

We are happy to provide you with complementary experiences to make all details of your trip perfect. Each of our optional experiences are designed in direct partnership and at competitive rates. Once you placed your reservation, we will send you our exclusive offers in due time.

Luxury sedan pick-up from Bangkok downtown to the airport, and back
A 3 hour yacht cruise from the Ocean Marina Jomtien
A 2-night stay at our partner resorts, e.g. Renaissance Pattaya

By placing this order, I agree to the Siam Seaplane Reservation Agreement, Terms of Use.

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