Yacht charter & boat rental (Pattaya)


Siam Seaplane is proud to offer you exclusive yacht charter deals in partnership with Ocean Marina Yacht Club Jomtien/Pattaya.
All you have to do is jump on the yacht and all amenities will be right there for you, including snorkeling gear, fishing rods, soft drinks and ice, towels, and of course a captain and the crew.

Prices are for hourly charter. Simply add the quantity for additional hours. Note that the minimum booking is 2 hours.
If you’d like to book for a half-day charter please select a quantity of 3, and for a full-day charter please select a quantity of 5. A half-day charter consists of 4 hours, whereas a full-day charter consists of 8 hours.
VAT (7%) and service charge (10%) are already included.
Included personal accident insurance for passengers. Free entrance fee for tourist pass. Arrange VIP cars park.

For any questions please contact us at or +66(0)26664969

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